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Skywalker OG, otherwise called “Skywalker OG Kush” to numerous individuals from the weed network. Hence, is an indica overwhelming half breed (85% indica/15% sativa). Further,  strain that is a powerful cross between the enormously knowing Skywalker X OG weed. Dankwoods

This damp bud flaunts an extreme THC level running from 20-25% by. Also, large and a mix of both indica and sativa impacts. Further, It has a smell of fiery natural stream fuel. Additionally, a sample of hot diesel with a herby lingering flavor. However, This bud has medium-sized thick round olive green nugs with consuming orange textured twisty hairs. Also, rich orange hints. Dankwood

Dank woods

These nugs have a fine layer of smooth white trichomes and sweet sticky gum. Clients depict the high. Hence, as a substantial stoney high that leaves you completely sofa bolted, loose. Also, dormant with a practically overpowering instance of the munchies. This is joining by a mind in another place euphoric head high. Hence, that blurs into a profound and quiet rest upon the descend. Dankwood

Because of these powerful impacts, it is a perfect version for treating patients experiencing conditions. Hence,  for example, unending pressure, torment because of damage or ailment, and gentle to direct instances of despondency. Dankwood

Dank wood

Furthermore, the strain type by A To B Gardens contained 23% THC for this Indica rule Hybrid. Buds were sweet pea green and dim purple with no flimsy dark-colored pistils. More so,  Brilliant peach fluff and trichomes were layering over the buds. The fragrance and flavor were a hot homegrown with only a bit of pine. Besides, Impacts are tops for evening use, a cheerful unwinding. Dankwoods

All psychological and physical torments simply coast away and are overlooking. Again,  astounding prescription!. Further,  On the descend your new closest companion for a sleeping disorder. However, will be there to take care of you and give you a rest you have just envisioned. Cure On. Dankwood


This bloom is definitely not from this world. More so, marijuana type is a too smooth indica that is viewing as a major player in the major associations. Therefore, This strain will make you have an inclination that you are drifting. Whenever a truly solid substantial hitter that is appreciating by novices and veterans alike.

Again, This wild half and half is positively something exceptional and fittingly named so. Moreover, It comes from the incredible strain. Therefore,  blended with Skywalker, bringing about a powerful plant, completely astonishing. Further, The great vibrations are solid inside this one, in spite of its contested parentage. Dankwood

Some state that this strain is from different strains blending with OG marijuana. Nonetheless, the way that it is the most strong OG strain out there. Again, it is something no one will differ with. Further, With its THC levels almost continually measuring up to at least 20%. Besides,  you have yourself some strong bud directly here. Dankwood

Dankwoods Price


OG exemplifies the ideal harmony between every one of the components. However, it that you would need present in a really incredible indica. Further, In the event that you are searching for a delicate out-of-body skim that will guide you far into space. Hence, at that point, this may be the best for you. Dank woods


Will Have You Flying You Flying To Infinity and Beyond –

Similarly, This type of marijuana will make you feel loose and glad. Hence, with a warm fluffiness encompassing your body.  More so, Skywalker OG imparts a beautiful elation that kicks in a flash. Also, The love seat lock can be very solid in this indica. In Addition,  it can tend to make you have an inclination that you are preparing for sleep time. Dankwoods Price

Furthermore, For those trying to feel inspiring while being loose, this blossom is the correct pick for you. Therefore, it can leave you in somewhat of a daze as you watch your environment. Dankwoods Price Equally,  as it makes for an incredible mindset adjusting visual high that you are certain to appreciate.  Dankwood



This version of smoke scents like earth new after an episode of the downpour. Furthermore,  Its damp home grown smell is alleviating and welcoming. Also, peppered with somewhat sweet and fiery. It am both sharp and fruity. Again,  has a solid nearness that is ensures to keep the room possessing. Further,  a scent like bud, long after it has been smoked. Dankwood


It have a solid gritty taste that will help you to remember crisp pine cones. Also, can be genuinely impactful. Further, This indica has a hot sweet breathe out, with a fruity hint to its flavors. Also, A trace of citrus can likewise recognize in this heavenly bloom. Dankwood

Dank woods

Unfavorable responses

Therefore, This present type of smoke can cause somewhat of a hack. Further,  as it will make your throat feel somewhat dry. Subsequently, it can give you an instance of cottonmouth, just as some dry eyes. Dank woods

More so, A gentle episode of neurosis might be a piece of your experience when smoking. In spite of the fact that cases like these are uncommon. However,  possibly happen when you expend an enormous sum. Again, You may likewise encounter some mellow uneasiness, potentially joined by a light dazedness. Dank wood


Furthermore, It  is fiercely famous in the restorative. Again,  in light of current circumstances. Besides, This form of weed is unimaginably unwinding, and furthermore powerful in managing side effects of pressure. Despite,  It is a ground-breaking torment reliever, with the capacity to mitigate a variety of throbs and torment. Dankwood


Blooming Time


Go Time blooms very quick, at a rate of 8 to 10 weeks for every cluster. Also, When experienced, producers. Hence, it can expect at any rate 12 to 16 ounces  for every square meter at collect. Dank wood


More so, In the northern half of the globe. However, Go Time blooms from the center to the most recent seven day stretch of October. Further, A powerful yielder, each plant creates at any rate. Dank wood

After all, Have you at any point smoked or become your own Go Time?. Lastly,  It would be ideal if you told me what you make of this pot strain in the remarks beneath. Dank woods


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