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Furthermore, it is otherwise called WiFi OG. Further,  is a 60% sativa half and half with elevating and agreeable cerebrally centering impacts. However, This strain consolidates the best highlights of its parent strains: the acrid, gritty, diesel smell of the weed type. Again,  the high pitch generation of The White that leaves the plants canvassed in a dusty snowfall of gems. Further, Numerous phenotypes of it  exist, some with thick. Also, barrel-like buds and others with pointed, conic developments. Dank Wood

Therefore, Daytime utilization of this strain won’t leave the buyer sluggish.  Hence, settling on it a decent decision for social and imaginative exercises. Further, White Fire kush is frequently picking by patients to treat uneasiness and melancholy. Dankwood

More so, It growth, glaucoma, agony, and wanting misfortune. Producers of its marijuana type. However,  can raise their high-yielding plants outside or inside with a 65-day blossoming period. Dankwoods


Therefore, the strain is likewise alluding to as. Again, It produces ice buds that are very significant to the whole medicinal cannabis industry. Further, It is a combination of the White and Fire OG. It has a blossoming time of 65 days. Again, it can without much of a stretch grow both inside and outside. It has a THC status of around 28 percent. Whenever It has an acrid diesel-like fragrance with a pinch of citrus. Dank Wood

Despite this, It has a sweet taste with a natural flavor. Besides, It is viewing as one of the best restorative maryjane strains and has a few advantages. Generally,  Its buds look like little mountains secured with snow. Hence, It is a primarily 60 percent Sativa predominant strain. Also, its belongings are fundamentally cerebral. Further,  it has an inspiring impact on your body and aids in moderating your laziness. Dankwood

On the off chance that you use it during the day. Also,  it would not have any sleepy impacts on your framework and will make you new. However, the strain is likewise utilizing for fighting sorrow, stress, and tension. Further, Patients of these conditions depend on it for relieving their pressure. Moreover, it can likewise be utilizing for treating glaucoma. Also,  ceaseless agony, loss of hunger. Dank Wood

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However, White walker OG  by Gold Coast Collection. Therefore, is an indica variety of the famous SFV OG Kush. More so, Enclosed by a shimmering layer of gem trichomes. Again,  Whitewalker OG wears its intensity like a crown. Dankwood

Of course, this Los Angeles local earn ahead of everyone else in the 2013 High Times Amsterdam Cannabis Cup. Also, it is esteeming right up ’til the present time for its capacity to lift the temperament with the quickness. Further, Its overwhelming sap creation is cherishes by concentrate specialists. Again, business producers will value the exceptional returns offered by this OG phenotype. Dank Wood


It has (here and there called) is an Indica-overwhelming (60/40 Indica). Similarly,  half breed strain of cannabis. Further, Its THC percentage normally reaches up to 25 percent while its CBD substance is very low. Also, for the most part around 0.5 percent. Dankwoods

An offspring of two entrenched strains Kush and The White. Additionally, It have turned out to be very well known all through restorative. Also,  recreational dispensaries in the West. Initially reared in the mid-2000’s. Besides, it has manufactured a notoriety for an interesting look and routinely high intensity. Dankwood

White precious stones cover the plant like snow on its barrel-formed, tight buds. Basically, The smell is diesel fuel and gritty. Some have recognized pepper. Similarly, lemon in the taste while others have said it’s all the more sweet, musky, and oaky. Dankwood

Dank Woods

Despite the fact that it tilts towards the Indica side. Further,  it has cerebral impacts, offering vitality and core interest. Dankwoods

Additionally, The exciting profile additionally implies that individuals can utilize it in the first part of the day. Also, noontime and not get excessively tires.  Dankwoods

As a result of the high THC and the low CBD. Besides, it isn’t appropriate for medicinal patients with a genuine issues like epilepsy. Rather, individuals with gloom, uneasiness, and torment find that it suits their needs. Dankwood

After all, Some may discover the smoke somewhat cruel on the admission. Further,  which may not be appropriate for individuals attempting. Hence, to abstain from hacking because of agony or lung aggravation.

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